Andreya & Michael

On September 30th of this year, Michael wed his best friend and long time companion, Andreya.

As a professional wedding photographer, I attend many weddings and ceremonies throughout the year.  This one was special with a certain intimacy about it. Andreya chose a very small wedding package covering 5 hours.  

Because it was starting at 4:30, I decided I could easily handle this one without my trusted assistant and second photographer, Ashley.

Well, yes I did, not to my surprise I shot over a 1,000 images! Why, because the evening was absolutely magical.

The beauty of being a wedding photographer is when you walk out the door, you never can imagine the adventure that awaits.  Some of my favorite images from the ceremony have been posted on my Facebook page.



Mt Wilson Observatory 5K Inaugural Race

Today, I have the pleasure of participating in the Inaugural 5K Mt Wilson Observatory Race.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of Simon Cooper's running team Invictus. Luckily for the team, my time did not contribute to the team win.

Let me give a shout out to KJAZZ 91.5 FM for setting the right mood doing my 18 mile drive from La Canada.  Kudos to the morning jazz team.

A special "thank you" and shout out to Thomas Meneghini, executive director of the Observatory for leading a personal tour. 

They will be having a 100 year anniversary event on November 4, 2017.

Not to be missed.

See my Face book page for more images.


Invictus Running Group
100 inch telescope


We were quite fortunate to be invited to Las Vega and stay at the gorgeous Aria Hotel.

The invitation was extended by my good friend Tom.  Here I captured his lovely wife Kim in the penthouse suite.



Egg Slut

Many Angelinos are familiar with the original Egg Slut breakfast stall at the Grand Street Market in downtown Los Angeles.  Well, to my surprise they also have a location at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas.

After a long run on a very hot day, I stopped in to check out the location.  I perused through the menu; check out the cooking area and left.  I returned a minute later after deciding to purchase some cold OJ.  I quizzed the waitress to make sure the orange juice was fresh. "Made this morning" I said.  She replied in the affirmative, "yes, made this morning".  

How much I asked?

On the house.

Now that indeed put a big grin on my face.

Kudos to Egg Slut!



egg slut las vegas.jpg


No visit to Las Vegas is complete without visiting Bouchon's Restaurant or one of the companion  bakeries located at the Venetian. I am a huge fan of Thomas Keller (renowned chef and inspiration of Bouchon's and the famed French Laundry in Northern California).

It is a high-concept French inspired bistro.  A must for any foodie who visits Vegas.

bouchon bakery las vegas.jpg

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I remember returning to school from summer vacations, and one of the surest assignments were essays on fond memories of frolicking and blissful vacations. To that end, I will devote the next sessions sharing my favorite vacation images.

Starting with Las Vegas, what happened in Vegas will be shared (this time).


Palazzo Hotel Lobby

Palazzo Hotel Lobby


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